Woman Of the Week II


Mmmmmm Chocolates! Truffles, M&M peanuts, Hershey with almonds. All sorts of milky chocolate goodness flew through my mind as I heard the words Imported Chocolates. So is it Chocolate? Well, actually no, not the candy kind at least.

May I introduce to you Jennifer Poe whose passion in life is to encourage women of color to take a trip to foreign lands! Women of color are especially adored internationally like fine imported chocolate. Jennifer has a passion for travel and at age 19 she boarded a plane for the first time to Paris, France. Yes, there she was a woman in a foreign land all by herself. She was pleasantly surprised by the kindness of strangers. Even with her lack of French she was able to successfully navigate Paris by herself! Jennifer has since flown internationally alone as well as with others. She also has lived in Argentina, Buenos Aires . It was her Argentinean experience which allowed her to combine her passion of travel and writing to successfully create Hola Morocha a half memoir half travel guide resource for navigating Buenos Aires. Her travels have enriched her life and led her to create the website imported-chocolate. Her websites seeks to quell the anxiety of international travel. We here at Launched ladies LOVE her site which includes her blog section. She not only blogs about her travels but also includes vlogs!! As well as interviews and highlights other women of color who are true travelistas! We would also like to highlight that one of Jennifer’s mission with her website is to give tips and encourage all women regardless of color or finances that travel is possible even within this current state of this economy.

Q&A With Jennifer Poe

Q: How can one get over their fear of flying?

A: First bring something with a special meaning of security for you. It could be a bible, pillow, picture or blanket. Whatever it is bring it no matter what. Also start slow and take shorter flights.

Q:International flights tend to be quite long what should I bring?

A: A sweater, slippers, magazines, ipod, nook or kindle or a good book, snacks, 

Q: I am broke with a few dollars left after rent How do I travel?

A: Before going anywhere, take a year to plan. Try and save at least $50 a month and by the end of the year you will have $600. It may not be a lot but its a healthy start.

Q: As a women what should I research before traveling?

A: EVERYTHING!! The customs, cultures, attitudes towards women, the nearest everything, food, shops, restaurants, the Embassy you can never acquire to much information.

Q: What about my hair???

A: Carry sample size  products flight friendly sizes in your carry on. Then reserach a good courier service who will not only ship your products but will bring them straight to your hotel. Its the best way to avoid customs hassles.

Q: What’s the most affordable time to travel

A: Usually any month that does not have a major holiday. Dec and Nov I find to be severely expensive

Q: Hotel or Hostel?

A: Hotels tend to be expensive and incur a lot of out of pocket expenses. Hostels are fine if its a short trip and you have only carry on luggage. I prefer living like a real local and renting an apartment the savings can be tremendous and privacy and locale make it all worth it!

Q: Please tell us in a few words the most exciting things about Argetina, Buenos Aires?

A: Hmmm the food, the men such gentlemen! the weather, restaurants, the sheer environment, and the natives who truly admire the brown skin woman. 

*Writers Note: I am saving my fifty dollars as I type this!!

Jennifer Poe has many exciting projects on the horizon. This is including but not limited to a resource travel guide for women, a young adult series, a imported chocolate store not only containing chocolates but flight worthy items and much much more. Jennifer please continue to provide your travel experiences with the world in hopes that others share your vision and spread their own wings for flight. We here at launched ladies know that your current and future endeavors will sky rocket!!

Jennifer a Language Arts Certificate of Merit as well as an Honor Service Certificate from the Association of Black Educators of New York. In 2006, Jennifer attended the Woodhull Institute for Ethical Leadership and completed training to become an ethical leader. She has been mentioned in New York magazine twice, once in 2006 as one of the top twenty-seven people under the age of twenty-six and again in December 2010. Her writing has been published in Clutch magazine and in an anthology made up of young women authors titled We Got Issues

Find Jennifer:

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